When I was silly.

Don’t we often feel the urge to do something completely spontaneous? Like perhaps, put on a little yellow dress and swirl about under the afternoon sun or rush into the MRT without a clue as to where you’re headed?

Maybe because the comfort of our routines make us numb, like too much medication or even too much cotton candy.

I set out to college today expecting… well, the expected. And I kind of got just that. And then on my way back, the sun decided “This girl, she’s had way too much ‘routine'”.

Peeking Sun

So there I was walking back to the MRT station, thinking of the warm bed that awaited my return, when the Sun peeked down at me from between the trees and said “You’re quite silly, you know, thinking of bed and all that sort of thing, on a wonderful day like this!”

“Enough! No more cosy little beds or blankets for you! Follow me, little one, for I can show you a world only few others have seen before.” “And today”, it said, “Today is a day for a most powerful sort of magic to be found. You shall be the one to do the finding.”

(Yes, when She talks, she talks funny. Of course, if you haven’t already guessed, She  happens to be Nature. )

You must note, here, that a wonderful place to see the sun and to follow its path happens to be Clark Quay. You can choose to follow the Sun in the sky (if you do not mind becoming blind after a while, that is) or you can settle for its gentler reflection on the surface of the water.

So I hopped onto the MRT at Little India and hopped off at Clark Quay.

I chose at first to follow it’s reflection. Broken bits of sunshine glistened on the surface of the water, like puzzle pieces, setting the river on peaceful fire. And buildings shrank in awe of that fire, to become little reflections flickering in the little puddles.

Little Structures.

While I stared at the fiery magic that engulfed the water, a pigeon happened to walk by. On seeing me stare so intently at the water, she laughed and said, “Silly girl. There are wonders all around you. One cannot hope to truly experience if one stares in just one direction. No, if magic must be experienced, it must be experienced in all directions of its existence.”

My new friend, the pigeon.

And with that the pigeon walked a bit further before spreading her wings and soaring off into the sky.

I watched her climb higher into what I can only describe as a twister of light, clouds and sunshine in the sky.

They say that magic can be found… if you follow the sun. 🙂

The Twister in the sky.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Krishna Shenoi
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 20:20:52

    Get back to writing here! You make me laugh.


    You really do.



  2. CoffeeandRains
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 09:21:21

    Heyy Sparkly-I Love the World- Happy Girl !

    Your work has changed :O
    It’s gotten, a little more serious.
    Brilliant, nevertheless.

    And you artwork, really thought that maybe Ankur made it Grim and then you coloured it up!

    Beautiful Sketchwork!

    It’s been ages!
    GUESS ?!


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